Need help on setting up CXterm!

Need help on setting up CXterm!

Post by Clapton Ch » Thu, 22 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I can FINALLY fire up cxterm now but cannot read anything that
is Chinese. I guess I have a font problem or something like that.
i did <xset fp+ $HOME/xfonts>, and <xset q> seemed ok too.

Any clue to proceed? Email me plz!



1. HELP: cxterm setting problem


    Recently I compiled cxterm5.0 and installed in my Linux machine. As
there are 4 sections in the resource file (.Xdefaults) about the cxterm
with cxterm for GB, cxtermg5 for BIG5, cxtermjis for JIS and cxtermks for
KS. Will the correct section be used when I specify the character
encoding in the commnad line, e.g. cxterm -BIG? Or I only the cxterm
section is used? Therefore, can I have one xterm with GB and one with
BIG5 on the same display?



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