Sync Evolution category

Sync Evolution category

Post by Bria » Thu, 27 Feb 2003 11:48:43

Does anybody have any idea why Evolution won't sync category names
whereas J-Pilot will?

1. evolution: syncing contacts between machines

I've installed evolution 0.99 (very nice - highly recommended) on two
machines. How can I keep the contacts in synch between them? I've tried
transferring ~/evolution/local/Contacts/* from one machine to the other
(by making a tar archive on the 'donor', and untarring it on the
recipient), but the receiving machine doesn't recognize these. In fact,
if I empty everything from the Contacts directory, and then restart
evolution, all of the contacts reappear - suggesting that the information
is stored or duplicated elsewhere.
 Using my palm pilot as an intermediary (syncing with each of the
linux machines) works fine except for mail distribution lists,
which don't seem to be supported by the palm address book.


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