DataFlex 3.0x for dos - anyone tried this on dosemu, networked to Novell/NT/LanManager

DataFlex 3.0x for dos - anyone tried this on dosemu, networked to Novell/NT/LanManager

Post by Mark Buckl » Sat, 09 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Or am I to be the first.

Can't think of a better newsgroup to post this to other than this one.


1. Networking dos,unix,os/2 and LanManager (lpr, email etc)


I am trying to set up our net with email, and remote printing, I would like
to know if there are any products available to connect unix (AIX) machines with
os/2 servers running Microsoft Lanmager 2.1 and COMPAQ  MS OS/2 standard
version 1.2.

I want to be able to send print jobs from windows based machines through the
the LAN Manager server, and also to be able to get email on these PCs. I
would like to be able to send print jobs in both directions if possible, ie
from windows to a laser hooked on the back of the AIX boxes and from the AIX
boxes to the printers hooked up to the back of the LAN Man server.

If anyone has experience with print servers I would appreciate some feedback
on them, ie cost, performance, reliability etc.

Are there any public domain mail products available for LAN Manager similar
to the Pmail product that is available to Novell.



                             Andrew Gockel
       Cooperative Research Centre - Aerospace Structures (CRC-AS)
        506 Lorimer St, Fishermens Bend, Victoria, Australia, 3207

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