Linux - xremote, is it suported?

Linux - xremote, is it suported?

Post by Ovidiu Vis » Sat, 11 Mar 1995 03:23:31

I'll keep it short.
Can I have an xremote connection to a Linux box?
(the same way you can configure slip or ppp for dialup, normally).
Where can I have information about it, how to configure it, etc. I didn't see anything in the faq's.



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I'm trying to find a source for Seyon...I checked sunsite and tsx-11 to no avail...
anyone know where it can be got?

Also was wondering if there exists any LINUX support for the Xremote protocol
(used in PC-XView and numerous other MS-WIndows <-> X-WIndows products)...
if so where?; if not, any idea where an eager developer might lay hands on the
spec for it?

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