NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 21 August 2002 WWWAC Drinking and Eating

NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 21 August 2002 WWWAC Drinking and Eating

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                            WWWAC Networking SIG

                 Joint Network Nation/NYC-CHI Social Event

   Join your fellow WWWACies, NYC-CHIers, IAs, designers, developers,
   usability practitioners, tech writers, and other peers and friends for
   some high powered, low key fun and frolic and networking.

   So come on down to the next iteration of the WWWAC Networking SIG,
   Network Nation, in a joint social event with NYC-CHI.

                When: Wednesday, August 21, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

   Meet Restaurant and Bar
   71-73 Gansevoort Street
   (between Washington St. and Hudson St.)
     * Cash bar
     * Drink specials
     * Food available (including that best kind, FREE food)


   See ya there!


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1. NYC LOCAL: CORRECTION: Wednesday 21 May 2003 NYLUG Lisp Eating and Drinking Location

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  Date: Mon, 19 May 2003 17:33:25 GMT

  [ F-T: set, presently ignored to rectify an error. ]

  > Eating and drinking after the formal meeting is now at Houlihan's at
  > 56th Street and Lexington Avenue on the Island of the Manahattoes.

  *error, error, I am Nomad. error*

  Jay, I changed the Web pages, and the nylug-talk and
  nylug-announce mailing list announcements over a week ago to reflect the
  current Stammtisch (drinking hole, merriment) location.

     It is PJ Clarke's

  Not Houlihan's. A chain restaurant is being built at the location you
  mention. Go to PJ Clarke's, and skip the hardhat. See your forward below
  of the announcement I sent. It is correct in the details.


  John Bacalle           -=(I'm looking for work)=-  

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