efix (fax) problem

efix (fax) problem

Post by Charles Stro » Thu, 24 Dec 1998 04:00:00

It's probably very stupid, but efix does not seem to work properly.

I have upgraded with
rpm -U efax-0.8a-7.i386.rpm
but when I use efix on a tiff file to make it viewable I get the
following messages:

(0): cs> efix -itiffg3 -ops -vewiaf fax1023.001 >,a
efix: Wed Dec 23 23:09:43 1998 efix v 0.2
efix: 09:43 argv[0]=efix
efix: 09:43 argv[1]=-itiffg3
efix: 09:43 argv[2]=-ops
efix: 09:43 argv[3]=-vewiaf
efix: 09:43 argv[4]=fax1023.001
efix: 09:43 efix v 0.2 Copyright 1996 Ed Casas
efix: 09:43 TIFF version 4.2 file (little-endian)
efix: 09:43 TIFF directory at 8 with 21 tags, last image.
efix: 09:43 opened fax1023.001 as 1728x2292 pixel 204x196 dpi TIFF-FAX
efix: 09:43 wrote standard output as 0x0 pixel 0x0 dpi PS page (2292

No matter what output format I use (ops, opgm, opcl, etc), I always
get a 0x0 pixel 0x0 dpi ouptut, i.e. nothing.

The input file is ok, checked with xv.  It's the first time I tried

Does somebody knows of a solution?

Charles Stroom

url:   http://www.stroom-schreurs.demon.nl/


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I recently asked about a fax program for linux and started using fax
(fax, efix, efax).
Indead it is easy to install and configure.
It receives any fax and sends text fax.
However, when I needed to receive a form (using fax), fill it (using
xpaint) and send it again (using fax) I had the following problem.

XPaint can not edit fax, therefore I used XV to save it as gif.
I edited it (put X in the right places).
fax can not send gif therefore I used xv to save the edited form as pbm.
fax should support sending pbm files. When I tried sending the pbm
(generated by XV) it was handled as text.
I tried using efix to change the pbm to fax file but it failed
(exit with a message that somthing wrong with the pbm header).

Does any one know how to get a fax, edit it and send it again
using fax ?


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