Slackware 7.1, Linux2.2.16, AC_97 Codec

Slackware 7.1, Linux2.2.16, AC_97 Codec

Post by Robert L. Klungl » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Does anyone else have a system set up using:
Slackware 7.1, Linux-2.2.16, and a mother board
with the AC_97 codec installed?

The AC_97 module can be loaded (modprobe) but
when GNOME, KDE, anything tries to use it, nothing
happens except "DSP: No Device" messages continuously
display on the screen (about once a secnd).

Yes, the audio has been configured in the kernel (had to
build because it is a SMP MB).

Yes, audio is turned on in the BIOS.

/proc/pci  ......
  Bus  0, device  31, function  5:
    Multimedia audio controller: Intel Unknown device (rev 2).
      Vendor id=8086. Device id=2415.
      Medium devsel.  Fast back-to-back capable.  IRQ 17.
      Master Capable.  No bursts.
      I/O at 0xe800 [0xe801].
      I/O at 0xef00 [0xef01].

I built a removable drive with W98 on it and booted.
It detected the AC_97 (I believe it thought it was a Crystal
audio system) and sound works fine.

Yet no audio with Linux.

Any clues (e.g. bad driver module, etc.)?



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Been working on this for a year now.


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