manuals, parts, & software

manuals, parts, & software

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Do you need any hard to find material or equipment for your XT-386

NEW serial mice w/software $25, 5? 360k or 1.2m & 3? 720k or 1.44m floppy
drives $45,  Astex 16 bit sound cards $50, 20 meg (IDE or MFM) hard
drives $20, 170 meg HDs $125,  HD or FD controllers $25,  XT/286 desktop
cases $25 w/power supply $50, 135 watt power supplys $30,  monochrome
monitors $30, cards $20,  VGA monitors $150,  VGA cards $45 or w/1 meg
$70 XT/286  motherboards w/cpu $25,  Keyboards XT $23, AT $27, 386 $31,
486 $35, Parallel or serial ports $25,  

Manuals & Users Guides   $20 per set, two for $35 or three for $30
Compaq   mswindows 3.1, dos 5.0 manual & prolinea users guides
Delinea  windows & dos faxlite users guides
Epson application notes & LX810 printer manuals
Gateway 2000  users manual, mswindows 3.1 & 5.0
IBM network color printer manual & vcr tapes
*sign hard drive manual
Packard Bell   mswindows 3.1,  dos 5.0, 386sx-11es users manuals
Tandy/Radio Shack  1000 & 1000ex & personal deskmate users guide

IBM PS/2 MICROCHANNEL  motherboards,  floppy & hard drives, ESDI
controller cards,  power supplies, IBM VGA color monitors $200, cables,
equipment & other  materials.

IBM PCjr  motherboards $40, Diskdrives $30, Expansion parallel printer
ports $25, Basic cartridges & manuals $10, RGB color monitors $50,
External "black box" power supplys $25,
IBM pcjr software Sampler, Exploring, Tecmar treasure chest, Assistant
series writing, planning, graphing, cables, equipment & other  materials.

Tandy/Radio Shack 1000 EX  manuals $5, motherboards $20, 360K drives $30,
keyboards $25,
cases $10, power supplys $20, cables, equipment & other  materials.

Compact Disks  $20 EACH or TWO for $35  
Quicken 4.0 by Intuit,  Reveal modem software suite, d-Time & Nautilus
(cd accelerators), Business Assistant, multimedia video for windows, Dr.
fonts (2000 fonts), At&t system software, PC Library (repair &
maintenance of PCs), PC Computer Guide, Audubons mammals, Reveal modem
software suite, 7500 Icons, clip art & fonts, Grolier multimedia
encyclopedia, Best of windows utilities, **GAMES** Carmen Sandiego
Deluxe,  Inca, Hell, Beyond the wall of stars & Star Crusader=scifi,
Jammit=basetball, Panzer General=tankbattle, Great naval Battles III,
Renegade, Rise of the Triad=frankenstein, Inca II=search for gold.

WINDOWS software on ORIGINAL diskettes  $25 EACH or TWO for $40
Microsoft Windows 3.0, 3.1, Works V2.0, Publisher, Delrina winfax lite,
Project, & Access, MS Office Professional $150, Word Perfect 6.0&1, IBM
OS/2 version 2.0, Norton Desktop 1&3.0, Amaze Daily Plannner, Norton
pcanywhere, Calendar creator plus, First aid 95 & Analysis disk,  Harvard
Graphics, Lotus123, * Graphics, Expert clip art, Fabulous fonts,
Softnet & Quicklink 2 communications for windows & dos, Stacker 3.0,
Approach, & AmiPro 3.01, Lotus working together pack, Quicken special
edition, Tips for Windows, Random house websters school & office
dictionary, Hayes smartcom, Resumes for windows 1.0, Wizard works
wallpaper, Wallpaper plus, Parsons announcements 3.0, Second nature
(wallpaper & screen savers), Cleansweep 1&95, Windows uninstaller,
Winsweep, Magna Ram 1 & 2,  Landmark quick restart for windows & DOS,
Legal eagle for windows, 386 Max (menory manager), Winmem 2.0, Stacker
for windows & DOS, Kidsmart counting & adding, Labels, chess, Motor mouse
(sports car curor), *Games* Chess, Victory & defeat,

These & much more, MOST preowned (USED), but in excellent condition.  
Terms are US mail ground CASH & shipped within three days.  NEGOTIATION
(offers) & TRADES,  ALWAYS WELCOME. All prices include shipping to United
States,  postal fees apply to others.

If I have "SPAMMED" anyones interests, email me & I will correct the


1. FS Sun software, manuals, PROM updates, FE manuals & misc

I am posting this for a friend-please reply to him.  Thanks.

Here is a list of some of the SUN Microsystems software I have

SUN 4U System Flash Prom Updates 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5    CD-Roms 1

Sparc Printer EC Netware Environment Floppies and Manuals...
......Floppies 1. Printer Driver and Utilities V1.0 702-4256-10
....2 & 3 Font Disks 1&2 Microsoft Windows Operating System  702-4257&
4. Printer Driver and Utilities for MAC System..    702-4259-10
5. SparcPrinter EC Novell Netware (Network Printer Utility for DOS)

SUN Ultra 1 Creator Manuals & Solaris CD-Rom 2.5

SUN Ultra 1 Model 140 Manual set and CD-Rom

SUN ATM 1.0 Early Access CD-Rom and Manual

SUN ATM 2.0 CD-Rom and Manual

SUN Medical Center Software 1.0 CD-Rom and Manuals

Sparc Cluster PDB 1.0 System Software and Manuals

SUNFAST Ethernet Adapter 1.1 & Sbus Quad EthernetController .1.1
CD-ROM and Manual

SUNFAST Ethernet Adapter 2.0 CD-Rom and Manual

Ultra Enterprise 3000 H/W CD-Rom Answer Book and Manuals

Ultra Enterprise 6000, 5000, 4000 System  CD-Rom Answer Book and manuals

SPARCprinter EC Printer manager Software CD-Rom and Manuals

SPARCprinter E Printer manager Software CD-Rom and Manuals

SUN FE Manual (used) dated 11/15/92 Excellent Condition

SUN FE Manual (NEW out of Shrinkwrap) dated 2/21/95

SUN FE Manual (NEW) dated 2/23/96

SUN FE Manual (used) dated 5/28/93 Excellent condition

I also have numerous Manuals all new
I will sell all or part..let me know your offer.


John Archer

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