Netscape Plugin for RealAudio G2 Player

Netscape Plugin for RealAudio G2 Player

Post by Larry Barlo » Tue, 02 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Is there a plugin available for RealPlayer G2?  I have it set up as a
helper application that works at some sites but several sites use it
only as a plugin.  I have Plugger 3.0 installed.  I am running RedHat
6.0.  Also, I can't get a MIDI plugin to work.  Playmidi works great as
helper applications but I have tried both Plugger 3.0 and UMP and both
play the music much to fast.  I get an error message that
timidity-instruments.cfg file is missing.  The timidity distributions I
got (one on Plugger 3.0 web page and UMP web page) don't have this
file.  Where can I find that file?  Timidity doesn't have a web page

Thanks in advance.


1. How to make G2 realaudio a Netscape plugin?

I downloaded and installed G2 Realaudio and works OK by itself.  But it
does NOT work as a plugin in netscape.  G2 installed under
/usr/lib/RealplayerG2/ .  

I believe that I have to copy a file from the G2 realplayer folder into
the netscape plugin folder for G2 to actually work as a plugin.  Which
file do I copy under the Netscape Plugin folder (
/usr/lib/netscape/plugins/ )?

If I got it wrong how do I do it?
Thank you,

KDE 1.1.1,LINUX 2.2.9-19mdk,AMD400, Mandrake 6.0

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