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I've been trying to install RED HAT 3.0.3.  It install's fine until it get's to the time selection. It then hangs and says that it can't find the keytables!?

i really don't know what's wrong.  The first couple of times it worked find but the installation wasn't what i wanted.

I created brand new disks and installed the RedHat directory on my harddrive.
I habe a aha2940 and the boot disks won't support my sbpro 563 cdrom oh well.

Also the 3c509 kernel won't work on my card for some reason.

how about making a 1.3.100 (it works on my card) installation disks??

any help would be great,


p.s.  I have been a slackware user for the last couple of years and would like to use a new distribution for something new...


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