Post by Nelson Yi » Fri, 06 Apr 2001 04:47:48

Hi everyone,

I have a big problem here...I configured dhcp v3.0b2118
when I type dhcpd start.....I get a message stating no defined subnet
here is my dhcpd.conf file
Please tell me am I going crazy or there is a bug in this beta version

# Define global values that apply to all systems.
option domain-name "igicom.com";
option domain-name-servers;
#option netbios-name-servers ;
#option netbios-nod-type 8;
#option nis-domain "igicom";
# Set up a subnet
subnet netmask {
        default-lease-time 604800;
        max-lease-time 604800;
        option subnet-mask;
        option broadcast-address;
        option routers;
ddns-hostname "jukebox2.igicom.com";
ddns-update-style ad-hoc;

Nelson Yip
System Administrator
Igicom, Inc.


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DHCP fails to configure a network connection, even after it worked
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A number of modules relevant to DHCP are loaded. I assume that all
necessary modules have been loaded.  The eithernet card also appears
to be correctly recognized.

I've read but not yet tried the Red Hat hacks listed in the DHCPcd
mini-HOWTO.  Has anyone successfully used these on RH 5.1?



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