linux on SGI indigo2

linux on SGI indigo2

Post by Marian Heddesheim » Sat, 24 Feb 2001 01:47:58


my colleague has bought two Indigo2 SiliconGraphics machines and he
wants to use them as webservers with linux.

Unfortunately he an I have no idea how to manage the installation for
such a machine. We have already found the linux port for Mips
processors but we do not know how to boot linux from floppy drive.

OTOH it could be possible to run the apache server and necessary
modules (php and mySQL) on the Irix OS that is already installed, but
I am not sure if it is possible to compile apache on Irix 6.2.

Any help is appreciated


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        I have problems installing xrn on SGI indigo2.  There were a
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Since I am not Super User, I didnt run make install.  I was able to
run xrn in the directory I had compiled it.  xrn started but it did
not have the scroll bar, and also all the menus had the characters
 "ng" before them.   For instance, "Quit" was "ngQuit" and so on for
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somebody help me with this problem.  Thanks in advance.  Please email.

Sudhakaran Ram

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