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1. Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI ES4815 (es1371) problem

Hi, I'm running Debian 2.2r3 with kernel 2.2.19 on an Asus A7v w/Duron
650.  I've got a Creative Ensoniq AudioPCI sound card, on the top of
the box it claims "model ES4815".  After a bit of trial and error
getting it to work a couple months ago, I found that the es1371 driver
works with it, so I have it compiled statically into the kernel, not
as a module.

My problem is that the driver seems to have weird issues with queueing
sounds when other sounds are playing, and with freezing for a
noticeable period of time after certain sounds are played, when trying
to play sounds from other programs.

First, the freezing problem.  This primarly happens with the console
beep in KDE2's 'konsole' program.  I can make the beep in konsole as
many times as I like with no problems, but after a beep has been
played in konsole, the sound driver goes into a weird state for around
30 seconds or more, where if any other program is loaded that tries to
play sounds (xmms, snes9x, rocknes, and so forth) there will either be
an error (rocknes says "Cannot find sound card"), or more commonly,
the program will simply freeze hard for 30 seconds or so, and then
start executing normally as soon as the driver decides it wants to
work again.

Secondly, the queueing problem.  A good example of this is xmms +
gaim.  When I'm playing mp3s in xmms, if events happen in gaim that
would normally cause a sound effect, I hear nothing... until the
current mp3 is done playing.  Then, all the sound effects seem to be
played at once, that were made by gaim during the time the mp3 was
playing!  This is, obviously, sub-optimal behavior.  Interestingly, if
a console beep was made during mp3 play, it will often be played and
then the driver will freeze just like it does in the above
description, for some period of time, before it 'unfreezes' and xmms
goes to the next file in the playlist.

Any ideas if this is a fixable problem?  It was present in 2.2.18 as
well as 2.2.19.

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