Dial up with Debian 2.2

Dial up with Debian 2.2

Post by Doug » Fri, 05 Jul 2002 12:52:11

Hi guys,

Dialup use to work with Red Head and since the moved to Debian I continue to
get the following error.

Cannot turn off soft carrier : input / output error

Does anyone have a clue on this one.



Dial up with Debian 2.2

Post by John Hasle » Fri, 05 Jul 2002 20:39:54

Quote:Doug writes:
> Does anyone have a clue on this one.

Please tell us _exactly_ what you did and _exactly_ what happened.  Be
verbose and precise.  Did you use pppconfig to set up ppp?  If not do so
and then try starting ppp with pon.

John Hasler

Dancing Horse Hill
Elmwood, Wisconsin


1. problems with linux resolver in debian 2.2 and glibc 2.2


i have some problem with ssh and sendmail on my notebook:
i have a resolv.conf file with ipaddress of my isp nameserver
cat /etc/resolv.conf give
nameserver x.y.w.z
I have also a nsswitch file with the following lines

hosts:     files,dns
networks:  files
and /etc/host.conf contain:
order hosts,bind
multi on

my notebook is part of a LAN where one pc is connected to internet and
is a gateway for the others.

When i unplug the network cable and if i try
ssh mobile on the notebook (mobile is the hostname of the notebook)
then it takes a while because the computer is trying to reach the
gateway (it send arp request which are not received because the cable
is unpluged)
But in the same configuration ping mobile or telnet mobile 22 are done
with no delay.

It seems that for some programs it tries to resolv via the DNS first
and after via the host file (because mobile is only described in the
hosts file) which is the opposite that i told the system to do ...

The same probleme occur with sendmail but the delay is far greater
with it ...

Have you some idea ? is it due to ssh which tries to resolv first via
dns even if it was told to do in another order ??

thanks by advance

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