ARP: called for own IP address errors

ARP: called for own IP address errors

Post by roo » Thu, 25 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Help greatly appreciated (as I am still learning about LINUX)!

I'm running Linux 1.3.70 kernel compiled to support aliasing.  I'm
supporting an additional two IP addresses in order to support two
additional virtual hosts (running the Apache 1.0.3 release).  Some other
sites on our subnet occasionally cannot "see" those virtual hosts at
times, and this seems to coincide with getting the error message:

        ARP: called for own IP address

In addition, if I run lynx from the server and try to access either
virtual host, I get the same error message.

Here's what my rc.inet1 file looks like where I added the virtual IP's:
#! /bin/sh
# rc.inet1      This shell script boots up the base INET system.


# Attach the loopback device.
/sbin/ifconfig lo
/sbin/route add -net

# IF YOU HAVE AN ETHERNET CONNECTION, use these lines below to configure the
# eth0 interface. If you're only using loopback or SLIP, don't include the
# rest of the lines in this file.

# Edit for your setup.
IPADDR=""        # REPLACE with YOUR IP address!
NETMASK=""       # REPLACE with YOUR netmask!
NETWORK=""        # REPLACE with YOUR network address!
BROADCAST=""    # REPLACE with YOUR broadcast address, if you
                        # have one. If not, leave blank and edit below.
GATEWAY=""        # REPLACE with YOUR gateway address!

# Uncomment ONLY ONE of the three lines below. If one doesn't work, try again.
# /sbin/ifconfig eth0 ${IPADDR} netmask ${NETMASK} broadcast ${BROADCAST}
/sbin/ifconfig eth0 ${IPADDR} broadcast ${BROADCAST} netmask ${NETMASK}

# /sbin/ifconfig  eth0 ${IPADDR} netmask ${NETMASK}

# Uncomment these to set up your IP routing table.
/sbin/route add -net ${NETWORK} netmask ${NETMASK}
/sbin/route add default gw ${GATEWAY} metric 1

# start up the virtual IP addressing
/sbin/ifconfig eth0:0 netmask ${NETMASK} broadcast ${BROADCAST}
/sbin/route add -host
/sbin/ifconfig eth0:1 netmask ${NETMASK} broadcast ${BROADCAST}
/sbin/route add -host

# End of rc.inet1



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1. ARP: arp called for own IP address HELP


New to Linux, running FT.

NE2000 ether=10,0x240,eth0

During the bootup sequence I get the error

ARP: arp called for own IP address

I understand this translates as ARP asked for address' and
got its own address back.

After the login prompt appears I don't see the error again.

There are no conflicting IP address' on the net and the error
occurs even if the FS is not connected to the net.

Any help welcome

Be in touch.


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