Load question

Load question

Post by Peet Groble » Fri, 22 Jun 2001 19:26:43

I have a program running on an 80486 DX2/66, 8MB RAM.
This program runs at around 30%, and peaks around 66%.

If I am to resurrect an old 80386, 8MB RAM as well, what would
(theoretically) the CPU load on the 80386 be? Would it be worth it, or would
the program be too slow?

The program can be described something like this:
Socket reads - 20% (non-blocked, data is readily available)
File writes (on local filesystem) - 20% (file open all the time)
Processing data - 55%
Syslog - 5% (Status messages, findings on data if in error)

Can anyone make an educated guess? It would be nice if I can move this
program to a seperate CPU, even if it knocks that CPU 90% at peak times. The
486 is acting as a backup server to another computer. If the primary
computer becomes unavailable, this machine is (almost) constantly at 100%.
Moving this program to another CPU will solve this problem, leaving it
running at around 80% iirc.

My budget is low at the moment. I'll have to wait a while before being able
to upgrade the machines. I do however have a spare 80386 lying around, and a
spare 50MB HDD (can share configuration files over NFS).



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Here is an interesting question... Suppose that you want to purchase
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Where would 1 get pricing and possibly place an order???

Sounds simple... I have tried to get info via the web (www.sco.com)

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a place very close to me and I called to find out the have not handled
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