Kernel 2.0.0 and sound (make xconfig and /dev/dsp)

Kernel 2.0.0 and sound (make xconfig and /dev/dsp)

Post by Michael Moll » Wed, 12 Jun 1996 04:00:00

OK. I've figured it out.  The last two days I've seen at least 3 posts
regarding 'undefined reference to DMAbuf_someting' errors while
compiling some of the newer, esp. v 2.0 kernels.

This is probably due to menuconfig and xconfig users (like me) who
forgot to enable /dev/dsp support during the configuration session.
This is much more difficult to miss when doing a normal 'make config'.

Could this be considered a bug?  Why would you want to disable
/dev/dsp support when sound is enabled?  Can it even be done?

Whell, I'm off to play with my new kernel, now that I've got it