Linux (or NT) to Cisco via null modem cable into 2509 async port

Linux (or NT) to Cisco via null modem cable into 2509 async port

Post by Charles Kereke » Thu, 27 Aug 1998 04:00:00

For learning purposes I would like to connect my Linux box (or NT, whichever
is easier) to my Cisco 2509 async port. I would like to set this cable
connection up to look like a standard network segment with full routing

I feel that I understand the Cisco side of setting this up but had no luck
making my NT box talk to it.  I tried the Direct Network Cable connection
available under the modem installation on NT. When I try to connect, the
Cisco debug shows me that it sees the line come active and it seems to do
its thing, but NT is not happy. Not really sure what it is missing. Also
tried this setup from my Windows 95 box with the same results.

I also have a Linux box and figured that it has more control over the serial
ports and the PPP protocol. The problem is, I am new to Linux and need some
guidance. I was hoping someone could give me steps on how I can network my
Linux box over a null modem cable. This would be my preferred method, but if
one of you out there can tell me a way to make my NT box talk to my Cisco, I
would give it another shot.

I know this is a strange request, but I have seen some strange ones answered
on these newsgroup.



1. Advise Cisco 2509 of defaultroute to Linux?

I am setting up dial out internet access though a Linux box (ip_masq)
from a LAN, but our LAN uses remote DHCP, which sets the default route
of the machines to a Cisco 2509 router.  What is the best dynamic way
to advise Cisco to use the Linux box as default route without
interfering with its normal routing?

The only reason I know anything about the router is because our frame
relay connection was down last week and I got into the router to do
loop back tests.  It apparently is set for 'eigrp' routing protocol,
with no default route.

I can get the ISP connection to work by setting a static default route
on the router, but a dynamic would be better in case the Linux IP

Does anyone have a configuration for 'routed' or 'gated' that would
simply tell Cisco to add a default route to the Linux box without
doing anything else?  I don't think these do 'eigrp' so I would also
need to set up Cisco for whatever protocol is used.

David Efflandt/Elgin, IL USA

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