Freecom & similar cdrw alternative interfaces?

Freecom & similar cdrw alternative interfaces?

Post by David Efflan » Sun, 25 Mar 2001 13:55:02

I have a VST USB CD-R/W which appears to be same as the Freecom Traveller
II (same mfr and product ID in usb-storage), also sold as Philips 464
CDRW.  So far USB support is minimal.  There is a Freecom support option
for usb-storage, but no docs.  SuSE 7.1, kernel 2.4.0 or 2.4.2.

I can mount scd# as cdrom and read dirs and small files, but it hangs on
larger files.  Writing has also been unsuccessful.  cdrdao disk-info
works, but read-toc or simulating a write with cdrdao or cdrecord hangs.  
In any case, when it hangs, the program accessing the cd (less, cp, etc.)
becomes an unkillable daemon in a race condition (load ave. keeps rising).
Details at

Although, VST only lists IEEE 1394 cable as an option, Freecom also lists
parallel port and pc card adapters (also cardbus, but not shown on
website).  I was wondering if anyone had any success using USB or one of
these other interfaces for this drive, especially cd writing?

There is a paraide driver for Freecom (frpw), but it just mentions cdrom
and not writing.  If that works, it would also enable me to access it on
my main PC which does not have USB.



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Any help?.
Thanks in advance!
PS: I have searched in the web yet, looking in hardware databases.


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