install Linux on 486 system with no CDROM drive

install Linux on 486 system with no CDROM drive

Post by Jim Buchan » Thu, 17 Dec 1998 04:00:00

: I would like to install Linux on a 486 system that has no CDROM drive.
: I have a Laptop with CDROM drive and a Slackware CDROM. Are there any
: possibilities to do this?

If both machines have ethernet cards, I'd try an ftp install.

If not, I think that the directories that slackware stores its
installation files in are kept small enough to fit onto floppies. You
could use the laptop to transfer them to floppies for installation on
the 486.

Another option would be to buy a CDROM drive. If you hunt around a
while, you can sometimes find them *really* cheap these days, at least
in the US.


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