RH7.0 port 110 connection refused

RH7.0 port 110 connection refused

Post by John-Paul Delane » Thu, 17 May 2001 00:18:28

Hello, any guidance on how to trouble-shoot the following pop3 connection
refused problem would be appreciated:

RH 7.0 - I rpm'd imap and enabled ipop3 and imap in /etc/xinetd.d files.

NTSYSV says ipop3 and imap are automatically started.

chkconfig --list ipop3
chkconfig --list imap
both result 'on'.

netstat -a
Neither pop3 110 nor imap 143(?) appear as listening servers.... though smtp

sendmail working ok (telnet port 25 responds).

mail/access contains hosts allowed to relay
mail/local-host-names contain local aliases

telnet localhost 110 (on mailserver):
unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused.

telnet localhost 143 ditto.

many thanks for any leads,


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When I telnet to localhost at 110 pop3 port, my linux box return this:

telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

I dont know why and how to fix it. Really I have no ideas where to
check from the first..!!
please help me...



  pop2 ... ... ... /usr/sbin/tcpd ipop2d
  pop3 ... ... ... /usr/sbin/tcpd ipop3d
  imap   ... ... ... /usr/sbin/tcpd imapd

I think those setting will be ok, but...

Thanks in advance...
shin, dong shik


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