Linux system stops running...

Linux system stops running...

Post by Matt McLe » Sun, 27 Apr 1997 04:00:00

For no apparent reason, every now and again one of my Linux systems stops
running - it still responds to pings, and attempts to telnet to it succeed
in connecting, but no telnet (or ftp) daemon responds.

The wierd thing is that I can't find a trigger for it - sometimes it happens
after just a day or two, sometimes after 2 weeks.  I really need the system
up 24/7, and the sooner the better (it will be taking a lot of load off one
ot the other systems, which is regularly getting it's load up to 7).

Another odd thing is that the logging daemons don't record anything
happening during the time it's non-functional, but news.daily seems to have
run OK (well, almost - no Daily Report has been received, but the logs have
been trimmed).  The logging daemon does seem to be running OK during this
time though, as it recorded the shutdown when I had someone give it the
three-finger salute.

The hardware:

Cyrix Cx5x86
1.6G Maxtor EIDE drive
ASUS SC-200 PCI SCSI card (driving a CD jukebox and tapedrive)
NE2000 ethernet card
Trident video card (but it runs headless)


Debian 1.2.0
kernel version 2.0.29

I am thinking that maybe this is a bug with Debian 1.2.0, as I've installed
that on another system with similar problems, but I'm not in a position to
upgrade this machine just yet (it isn't net-connected - yet).

Any other ideas?



1. How do I reinstall Linux to a new file system from a running Linux system?

I already have Linux up and running on /dev/hda4.  My swap is /dev/hda3 and
previously I had Windows NT server on /dev/hda2.  /dev/hda1 is my OS2 boot
loader.  So I love Linux, it does everything (and better) then NT server did
(nanny nanny poo poo Billy boy) so I nuked the NT server partition and made
another ext2 Linux partition on /hda2.  I would like to be able to make /hda2
my new Linux system and use /hda4 for user files, games, etc. (non Linux
system stuff).  Right now, /hda2 is empty.  So, how do I get Linux over to

I looked into cp, but the problem is that it doesn't seem to copy files that
have hard/symbolic links to them properly.  At least it didn't seem to work
when I tried to.  Also, it barfs when trying to copy /dev over and I assume it
probably will have a heart attack with /proc.  Anyway, I thought I could
simply copy all the Linux system directories over to  /hda2, reconfigure lilo
to point to it, and then boot.  Doesn't look like I can easily do this.  
Another option I was thinking about, is doing a network install if this is
possible?  I currently have Linux setup with an ISDN high speed Internet
connection (using pppd).  My flavour of Linus is Red Hat 5.2 using kernel
2.1.130 (needed some support in this kernel not available 2.0.36).  Is there a
way I can run the same Red Hat install program that I originally did and ftp
all the files from sunsite over to /hda2 from my running system? I can't
reboot from the floppy install disks to do this, because the ISDN support
isn't there unless my current Linux system is running (I originally did this
by installing the ISDN in a Windoze machine and using ftp through a proxy, but
I don't want to disconnect the device and do this again).

There has to be an easier way?  

Also, I use partition magic (installed in /dev/hdb1 - second IDE drive) to set
this stuff up originally.  It works great and allows me to boot any OS.  It
also allows me to resize partitions - safely.  Is there any advantage to
having my swap partition as /hda3, or should I try to move it physically to
some other part of the disk? ie: move /hda4 to where /hda3 is and
visa-versa putting the swap partition at the end of the disk
partition space. Probably, I should just leave it as it is...


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