Major crashes since adding #9 GXE64 VL-Bus card

Major crashes since adding #9 GXE64 VL-Bus card

Post by Jason Corle » Mon, 25 Jul 1994 09:20:28


I've just recently purchased a #9 GXE64 VL Bus card with 1mb, and ever
since I've installed it, my system has been locking up like crazy under

It works fine under OS/2, but with Linux, it sometimes won't even boot!

When I do get linux to boot, if I try and use PPP, or even just Kermit,
my machine locks up within minutes...  Yet, I've changed nothing on
my setup except adding the VL-Bus video card... I'd been running
the exact same kernel/hardware combination for about 6 months with
only about 2 crashes...

I was running the IDE performance patches, with interupts and
multi-sector mode enabled on both my drives, but I ended up
turning that off -- having those enabled made the machine
crash even more.

Also, selection keeps dying too -- I get a message like :
selection : read ( xxxx ) no such file

or something like that ( I don't have the exact text )....  

Anyhow, here's my hardware/software configuration...

Slackware 1.2.0  (Linux 1.0.8 Kernel )
220 Meg Western digital IDE drive
420 Meg Western digital IDE drive
20 MB ram
486-dx2/66 AMD processor
Internal 14.4k Boca modem
#9 GXE 64 VL-Bus graphics card
"no name" VL-Bus IDE controller/serial/game port card
( I've also got a Natural Microsystems VBX-100 board installed, using IRQ 7
  but taking it out has had no effect on the crashes )

Basically, if I take the #9 GXE card out, and put my ET4000 card back in,
all my problems go away... :-(

Yet, the #9 GXE card works flawlessly under OS/2... ?

Note -- these crashes occur in standard VGA text mode, as well as under
X (even though I haven't been able to get the server to work properly)

I'm totally at a loss here... obviously it's something to do with
the GXE card... but why only under Linux, and not os/2????

Any help would be great!


PS      I'm not getting any kind of kernel "dump" when the machine
        locks up either... I assume this is because I'm running
        syslogd (?) ... there is nothing in /usr/adm/syslog or