Need beta testers: sasteroids with sound

Need beta testers: sasteroids with sound

Post by Brad Pitz » Tue, 13 Sep 1994 15:15:50


I need a few testers for a beta version of the game sasteroids,
with digital sound. Yeah, I know this is embarassing considering
linux doom came out this week too :-)

If you've got voxware 2.9 or greater (included in linux kernels 1.1.32 and
up) and a sound card capable of 8-bit mono digital playback, try ftp'ing to ( You'll probably have to use the IP
address. (name service is flakey to this site right now)

/pub/pitzel/sasteroids1.5-beta1-src.tar.gz      (sources)
/pub/pitzel/sasteroids1.5-beta1-bin.tar.gz      (precompiled binary)

You only need one of the above files.  Note that your high scores aren't
saved -- this is due to a change in the setuid() behaviour in recent
kernels. I'll release an official new sasteroids once these probs get worked
out. You need g++ 2.5.8 and svgalib 1.11 to compile it.



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