Disk partitioning and moving filesystems.

Disk partitioning and moving filesystems.

Post by Kristian Mowinck » Sat, 08 Oct 1994 09:01:03

Disk partitioning and moving filesystems.

Firstly I must mention that I have read
Wirzenius's newsarticle of 2 jul 1994 18:21 about disk partitioning.

However I have some questions.

I recently bought a 420Mb Conner ide drive.
And I have a 240Mb Samsung ide drive.

Currenly my 240Mb Samsung drive is my hda
and my 420Mb Conner drive is my hdb.

The partitions are:
Filesystem 1024-blocks  Used   Available Capacity Mounted on
/dev/hda2  216012       173057 31799     84%      /     % linux root
/dev/hdb1  385436            1 365529     0%      /hdb1 % new linux part
/dev/hda1  5212           2636 2576      51%      /dosc % dos part

On /dev/hdb2 I have a 18Mb swap partitition.
Earlier I had a 17Mb swap partitition on /dev/hda3,
but that I deleted.

Since the 420Mb Conner drive is faster I would
like to let this become hda(by changing jumpers on the drives).
Then would like to have one big linux partitition on this,
besides the swap partitition.

On 240Mb Samsung drive I would like to have a small
dos/mswindows partitition and a  news spool partition
since I am planning to set up a news server on my box when I get
my slip connecting.

How can I accomplish this?

Especially installing lilo on the 420Mb Conner drive.

Greetings from,


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1. booting XP with GRUB after moving filesystem to new partition

My sister's machine has a single 6G disk with the following partitions:

1       Fat16   2G
2       extended
5       Fat16   2G
6       Fat16   2G

She had Windows 98 on partition 1, and Windows XP on 5.  She was using XP only and was out of disk space on the XP filesystem on partition 5.

My plan to remedy her problem is as follows:

1.      copy a raw image of the disk onto a backup disk
2.      copy the files from all three filesystems into a new filesystem on a backup disk with files going into directories /c, /d, and /e in the new filesystem
3.      repartition with a single 6G partition
4.      create a filesystem on the new partition
5.      copy all files in backup /d to root directory on new filesystem
6.      copy all files in backup /c to /oldC on new filesystem
7.      copy all files in backup /e to /oldE in new filesystem
8.      boot the new system

The system won't boot, however.  Even though I haven't touched the MBR of this disk, I know the old bootloader was booting off of partition 5.  So I figured I would try to use GRUB to boot XP from partition 1 as follows:

1.      boot from a GRUB boot floppy in a system with only the one disk in it
2.      enter 'rootnoverify (hd0,0)'
3.      enter 'makeactive'
4.      enter 'chainloader +1'
5.      enter 'boot'

I see long pauses (20 sec or so) after entering commands on steps 3 and 4 before getting a 'grub>' prompt again.  When I enter 'boot', I also see the long pause and then see 10 or 15 garbage characters on the console, then nothing happens.  When I press any key, another set of 10 or 15 garbage characters are echoed to the screen.

What's going on here?


The original filesystems were mounted as vfat in Linux.
The new partition type I created was 'Win95 FAT32 (LBA)' (0xc).
The filesystem I created on the backup (copyout) was with mkdosfs as a FAT32 filesystem.
The filesystem I created on the repartitioned disk partition 1 (copyin) was with mkdosfs as a FAT32 filesystem.

I performed the copyout and copyin as follows:

cd <src>
find . -print0 |cpio -p0mv <dest>

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