Wont boot after VFS: mounting root (ext2 filesystem) as read only

Wont boot after VFS: mounting root (ext2 filesystem) as read only

Post by Anthony » Fri, 15 Dec 1995 04:00:00

Here is the situation, I have caldera preview 2 with redhat 2.0.
I was trying to install ld.so-1.7.11 so that I could run java,
but in the howto the instructions said to use rpm -ivh, which
doesnt work.  Ive since learned to use rpm -U :).  So isntead of
reading the man for rpm, I uninstalled ld.so-1.7.5 because it
was causing the conflict.  Little did I know that those libraries
do my dynamic loading.  So my system was screwed.  Well I booted
from floppies and fooled around and restored the libraries.  I
eventually reinstalled the base system (yeah not an elegant solution).
But now my system wont finish booting after it gets to the line
in the subject.

My fstab is
/dev/hda2           /                   ext2      defaults   1 1
/dev/hda1           /msdos              msdos     defaults   1 2
/dev/hda4           none                swap      sw         0 0
/dev/fd0            /mnt/floppy         ext2      defaults,noauto 0 0
/proc               /proc               proc      defaults   0 0

# Red Hat CD-ROM
/dev/hdc                       /mnt/cdrom      iso9660 ro,noauto

Most of the other files were unchanged I think.  fsck and ext2fsck
report no errors.  Id really like help on this, thanks.
Anthony C.


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