Object Rexx for Linux, updated ...

Object Rexx for Linux, updated ...

Post by Rony G. Flatsche » Mon, 16 Mar 1998 04:00:00

At the end of last year IBM made a free version of Object Rexx available
for Linux. Just learned that a couple of weeks ago an update was published
on the net (it improves the performance considerably and now is on par with
the implementations on the other platforms, OS/2 and Windows95/NT). The
package has a full and comprehensive reference documentation of Rexx and
Object Rexx in HTML and PostScript (explaining even features like the
security manager which is documented for the Linux version the first time,
but has been available on the other platforms as well!).

To get at it load the Object Rexx homepage at


and follow the links to the Linux version. Also, tutorials on Object Rexx or
on the socket framework, or additional links to books on Object Rexx are
available on that homepage, or links to third party Rexx function packages,
including the generic (and multiplatform) interface of Mark Hessling to Oracle,
DB2, SYBASE, minSQL and the like (there is even an Object Rexx framework
building on RexxSQL by John Blumel), etc.


[Object Rexx is backwardly compatible with Rexx programs (a syntax which is
easy to learn, *readable* and yet contains very powerful concepts); in addition
it adds OO-features including multiple inheritance and even allows for building
(even altering) of classes at run-time or creating one-off objects effortlessly.
Being an interpreter one can interactively test any aspect of those (Object) Rexx