xconsole: Couldn't open console

xconsole: Couldn't open console

Post by Gary Ise » Sat, 18 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I'm getting an error message when I start an xconsole that says "Couldn't
open console". The xconsole connects okay when I'm logged in as root but
doesn't if any other user is running it.  Is this normal, or should the
average user be able to connect to /dev/console? My setup is RedHat 6.0 and
I'm running WindowMaker.

1. xconsole 'Couldn't open console'


 I hope somebody can give me a pointer to a how to or something for xconsole.
 Trying to start xconsole I invariably get the message ? Couldn't open console
 ?. This happens also when I try to start it as root (/dev/console is rw for
 root only). The DISPLAY variable is set to ':0.0', and all error/printf
 messagesd from my programs appear on the console, as I can see when switching
 back with ctrl+alt+F1.

 What is it that I haven't understood here ?
 Thanks for your tips .


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