where do I report bugs in the jdk for linux?

where do I report bugs in the jdk for linux?

Post by Red Hat Linux Use » Tue, 28 Apr 1998 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me where to report bugs in the linux
implementation of the java jdk?

I am working on networked applications in java and
it seems that the InetAddress.getAllByName(String host);
method only returns a loopback (localhost/
instead of an array of all pertinent ip addresses.



1. Bug report bounced + bug report


by the 2.2.23 documents, but got a bounce message:                      
                       The Postfix program

    no data record of requested type

Here is the bug report:

Subject: Cannot boot Compaq Smart Array 532 with grub on 2.2.23


Well, subject says it all really. Here is a (minimal) patch:

--- main.c.orig Fri Feb 28 15:56:54 2003

        { "sdn",     0x08d0 },
        { "sdo",     0x08e0 },
        { "sdp",     0x08f0 },
+       { "cciss/c0d0p",0x6800 },
+       { "cciss/c0d1p",0x6810 },
        { "rd/c0d0p",0x3000 },
        { "rd/c0d1p",0x3008 },
        { "rd/c0d2p",0x3010 },


Han Holl

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