xfs ACLs

xfs ACLs

Post by David Kondouroujia » Thu, 07 Feb 2002 13:45:33

Hello Everyone!

 I'm using the SGI version of Redhat 7.2, with xfs as filesystem.
Does anyone know of a tools (preferably command line) which can
administer access control lists for several users/group/folders/files
other than the official chacl from SGI. chacl is definitly very powerful,
but its documention is rather insufficient. A link to better
documentation would also be adequate.




1. After / moved from XFS to JFS : "error 22 mounting xfs flags"...

On Mandrake 9.1

I mirrored hda to hdb using "rsync -archive -H". hdb is a mirror of
hda with exactly the same ext3 boot partiton, swap partition and root
partition numbers. Only change is the root filesystem type.

I flipped the IDE master/slave so hda and hdb were swapped, then,
using the rescue disk, I mounted the ext3 boot partition and the new
JFS root partition, chroot and re-ran Lilo with fstab modified to
reflect root now being JFS.

However, when I try to boot I get...
mount: error 22 mounting XFS flags  Kernel panic: No init found. Try
passing init= option to kernel.

How do I convince this kernel that it should be looking for a JFS root
partition not an XFS partition???

I've modified fstab, re-ran Lilo chrooted, re-ran mkinitrd chrooted
with /proc/mounts audited and placed in the proc directory (proc is
otherwise empty when you chroot!, unless I mount --bind it first).

A search on Google found just one other soul who has reported this
message. He deleted an XFS partition and made a new ReiserFS partition
but no one had responded to his hideous plight :-(

Anyone know how to do a successful filesystem transplant without
losing the root filesystem?

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