Authentication Problem

Authentication Problem

Post by Klaus Sch?nenber » Fri, 04 Aug 2000 04:00:00


When I connect from a Client (Win9x or Unix)  to my Linux-Server,
Im asked for Username/Password, Linux lets me in but the username
is still "nobody".

All Processes are running:
  108 ?        S      0:00 /sbin/portmap
  161 ?        S      0:00 /usr/sbin/rpc.mountd
  164 ?        S     21:26 /usr/sbin/rpc.nfsd
  169 ?        S      0:00 /usr/sbin/rpc.pcnfsd /var/spool/lpd

SuSe Linux 6.3 (on 5.3 everything was fine)

Any Ideas??

Viele Gr?e
Klaus Sch?nenberg


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I've set up Apache 1.3.12 on Solasis.  I've purchased a Globas Server cert.
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Apache directly. They say that I can still use their cert. with my setup,
but the are not very clear on just how I would go about doing this.

Has anybody else come across this issue and been able to resolve it, if so,
can you advise.


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