The best MTU for slip/ppp

The best MTU for slip/ppp

Post by Sean Fodera » Wed, 23 Nov 1994 03:03:44

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 I've seen various comments that you should keep the MTU low (around 256)
when using slip and ppp, but I've never heard why.   Perhaps this
was important when modems were relatively slow (i.e. 9600 baud and less).
    I'm using 28.8k modems with v.42bis compression and it
would seem to me that you would want a large MTU so that the
compression code could have something to work on.   Does the small
MTU suggestion still apply if you have fast modems with compression?  


1. Best Unix for SLIP/PPP Server- Best Reliability/Cost?

I am looking for the best Reliability/Performance/Price (in that order)
OS for handling a large number of SLIP/PPP connections (Don't want
a terminal server - this is a wierd application).

Also, I am seeking suggested configurations (CPU, RAM, DISK, etc) for a
system capable of handling up to 1000 connections (possibly more) at a time.

I have seen various messages while trying to find this information, and
would appreciate the insight of the comp.unix.* community on which platform
works most reliabily and which ones to steer clear of, how much RAM needed
per user, and other important issues such as this.

Thanks Muchly for your input!

        - Brian G.

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