IP-Masquerade and NetMeeting

IP-Masquerade and NetMeeting

Post by Michael W. Lur » Thu, 25 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Argggh!  I've been reading posts and searching dejanews until I'm blue in
the face.  Some folk seem to swear that you cannot get NetMeeting to work,
others say that they've GOT it working (but leave out some all-important
details!)  I am using 2.0.36 kernel and IP-Masquerading working everywhere
else, and really do not want to "upgrade" to IP-Chains or 2.2.x yet.  If
this can be solved using the tools I already have which come with Red Hat
5.2, that would be the prefered method.  The most detailed info yet comes
from the following source - http://users.nais.com/~nevo/masq/index.html...

Quote:>Tested with NetMeeting 2.0

>Primary TCP connections:
>This will allow what microsoft calls the 'Primary TCP Connections' to
>work. This will allow such features as: application sharing,
>whiteboard, chat, file transfer, and directory lookups.

>ipautofw -A -r tcp 389 389
>ipautofw -A -r tcp 522 522
>ipautofw -A -r tcp 1503 1503
>ipautofw -A -r tcp 1720 1720
>ipautofw -A -r tcp 1731 1731

>You can make only outgoing calls. I have not tried incomming calls but
>it may work if you have previously connected to the same user.

>Secondary TCP/UDP connections:
>This will allow what microsoft calls the 'Secondary TCP and UDP
>Connections' to work. This will allow such features as: audio and
>video conferencing using the H.323 protocol.

>ipautofw -A -r tcp 1024 65535
>ipautofw -A -r udp 1024 65535

With just 2 lines of ipfwadm (from the IP-Masq HOWTO) I have whiteboard,
chat, etc. in NetMeeting working - and OUTGOING audio and video are fine.  
It's the incoming audio and video only that aren't making it...and I would
hate to have to think that ALL the ports above 1024 need redirection for
this to work...and I really don't want to have to purchase a commercial
H.323 proxy either.  If someone would help me translate these ipautofw
commands into ipfwadm commands (or otherwise explain how to make
NetMeeting work with IP-Masquerading) I would be most grateful.

  --- my ipfwadm rules as they look now ---

ipfwadm -F -p deny
ipfwadm -F -a m -S -D

Thank you in advance for any real assistance in solving this problem.
Michael W. Lurie

Michael W. Lurie


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hello everybody,

I hope you can help me with the following problem:
I'm living in Amsterdam, Holland.
I've got friends living in Los Angeles, and to keep in touch of the
daily things we both have bought a Logitech webcam so we can see each
other via the internet.
We want to use netmeeting so we can not only see each other but also
speak to each other via videoconferencing (netmeeting) but there is a
problem with my Linux firewall.
My internet connection is via a cable modem and a Linux Redhat 7.2
server who also is my emailserver and firewall and it is working fine
only netmeeting is giving me a hard time.
I user Redhat Linux 7.2 with kernel 2.4.7-10 on i386.
On the linux server I use the rc.firewall-2.4 script. It looks like I
don't have the right modules loaded, but I'm not quite sure because
this is a little over my head.
I saw your the IP Masquerade website that there is support for
netmeeting via h323-conntrack-nat
(http://www.e-infomax.com/ipmasq/matrix24.html) but
I do not know how to implement/install this.
Do I have to edit my rc.firewall script? (I've attached this script)
How can I configure or install the h323-conntrack-nat ? Is there a rpm
for it?

thanks for any help,


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