Poor quality fonts in kvt

Poor quality fonts in kvt

Post by MH » Sun, 04 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I was playing around with my font settings to get Netscape to look right
and did something that has caused my fonts in kvt (KDE xterm) to display
poorly.  I tried resetting the order of fonts in /etc/X11/fs/config,
default font size, default resolutions, etc. but can't seem to get the
display to look the way it did originally (sharper image).  

I compared my settings to those in another installation where the fonts
display correctly to make sure I had everything right. I also juggled
settings, but nothing seems to work.  The font I'm using in kvt is
"fixed", 10 point (which I believe is displayed as 13 point, if I
understand the kvt configuration file settings), bold.  When I select
"normal" from the kvt "options/fontsize" menu the font displays smaller
than it should, but can be corrected selecting "medium".  No matter what
I do, however, the font displays fuzzier, with some letters (m)
"scrunched" unless I display the font at 15 points or larger.   Any
ideas?  (yes, I did restart the font server)  Config files below:


# KDE Config File


# Default font server configuration file for Red Hat Linux 6.0

# allow a max of 4 clients to connect to this font server
client-limit = 4

# when a font server reaches its limit, start up a new one
clone-self = off

# alternate font servers for clients to use
#alternate-servers = foo:7101,bar:7102

# where to look for fonts
# Some of these are commented out, i.e. the TrueType and Type1
# directories in /usr/share, because they aren't forced to be
# installed alongside X.
catalogue = /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc:unscaled,

# in 12 points, decipoints
default-point-size = 120

# 100 x 100 and 75 x 75
default-resolutions = 75,75,100,100

# how to log errors
use-syslog = on


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