Kernel panic "unable to load root fs"/making bootdisk

Kernel panic "unable to load root fs"/making bootdisk

Post by Agon » Thu, 07 Mar 2002 22:27:08


I installed Redhat 7.2. on an older Compaq server Proliant 2500. After
installation I tried to boot my server, it booted the kernel but then
stopped with a kernel panic "Unable to load root fs".
I guess my bootloader doesn't point to the correct "root-device"? Since my
server has an Raid5 array I guess it must point to /dev/sda1 or something?
Is there a way to make a bootdisk so that I can make changes in the
bootloader or can I pass options to Grub so that I can change the root fs?

Other advice would be appreciated.

Kind Regards


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I have an adaptec 2842 VL Controller :
I have been trying to install Linux :
I got 1.1.59 from and then got the aic7xxx.tar.gz from
Compiled the kernel - the machine froze on me 3 or 4 times during
kernel make.
the zImage file created I wrote tp a empty formatted floppy
and booted: The kernel is 1.1.68 and it gave the above message.

Any suggestions.

Also when I boot off an bootdisk+rootdisk the root filesystem is mounted
on /dev/fd0 with minix.
How can I have my Linux partition on hard drive be mounted on e.g /dev/sd2
be mounted on /

Otherwise I have to copy files from /mnt/usr/include/* to /usr/include.

Thanks for your help,


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