Can ELF programs load non-ELF libraries?

Can ELF programs load non-ELF libraries?

Post by Mark H. Wo » Thu, 07 Sep 1995 04:00:00

The light may finally be dawning.

I've been having perplexing difficulties with certain packages (fvwm, and now
tk) that "cannot load", and I've noted that others have similar
problems.  I got to reading the ELF-Howto last night, and finally began to
wonder why there are now two DLL loaders.  Does each *exclusively* load one
type of DLL?  Do I have to have each library in both forms, if I have both
kinds of programs on my system?  I haven't found any document that clearly
confirms or denies this.

(Other bizarre symptoms include ldd's insistence that libraries which are
present, in directories named in, "could not be found".  If I drop a
symlink into /lib then the complaint changes to "not an ELF library".  This is
in the case of precompiled wish (ELF) which is attempting to load precompiled
XFree86 3.11 libX11 (non-ELF).)

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