Repartition and install backup

Repartition and install backup

Post by SurrlChe » Mon, 06 Jan 2003 12:51:28


I have a Powerbook G4 running Darwin 6.0. When I ordered it, everything
was pre-installed for me. That was nice at the time-but now this isn't
the case. I have spent some time researching (google). It was either and
irrelevant solution, or it was very elusive and/or arcane.

What I want to do is rather simple (in concept), but I don't know the
procedure (esp the backup part). Here's what I want to do:

I would like to resize the existing (single) partition on my 40 GB Ultra
ATA HD to a new partitioning scheme. I want to create 2 seperate
partitions: 1st for MacOS X and 2nd for Debian Linux (which will have
many partitions).

Here's my dilemma: By repartitioning it will destroy all the data on the
partition and then re-create it. I don't want that!

What I want to do is backup everything on the partition, like a disk image
or clone, i dunno...then repartition, and re-install (on the 1st
partition) the original-software from the backup.

I guess an alternative is a "Partition Magic" like program that'll compile
under either MacOS 9 or unix BSD variants.

any help will be appreciated,



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I need to increase the size of my /usr partition.  I performed a backup
of /usr to a drive on another machine using cp -a.  I noticed "unable to
perform operation" errors as the files were being copied.  I assume this
has to do with file permissions, since most files in /usr are owned by
root.  I noticed that the user:group identies on the backup files had
been reset to large numeric values.  I presume this is some sort of
default behaviour.

My question is this:  Can I safely delete my existing /usr partition and
restore all the files from backup to a new, larger /usr partition?  If
not, how do I accomplish resizing the /usr partition without having to
reinstall my entire system?


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