Linux & Motif

Linux & Motif

Post by les gra » Fri, 03 Jun 1994 17:57:18

Hi folks
        I am sorry if this is a FAQ, I have not been taking this group very
long. I have an interest in writing Motif software with Linux. I know Motif
runs under Linux but can I get the necessary to build a Motif application
under Linux? I guess that I need some Motif development libraries at least.
This lot will be running on a PC. So if some kind soul could let me
know    a) can one develop Motif applications under Motif
        b) if so, where can I get all the necessary

                thanks in advance

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Linux & Motif

Post by les gra » Tue, 07 Jun 1994 17:50:45

Hi folks
        I got a UK source and have parted with dosh. Thank you all for your
mail and your suggestions. Much appreciated!


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: To all GURUs

: I have a 120 MB HD that may be dedicated
: to linux.  However, before going through the trouble,
: I was wondering if linux supports MOTIF specs?
: and how much space do I really need if I
: want to run LINUX, X-WIndows, EMACS, and GCC, and MOTIF libraries?

: Thanks.

: le

: ps. where can I get it too?

I install the Slackware Pro 2.1 distribution and loaded X, Emacs and all the
GNU stuff (no TeX) and I'm using about 140M (if my memory isn't shot). I
don't think Motif is more than a handful of floppies (perhaps 5?), so that
shouldn't add more than 10 or 15 meg. Looks like you'll need a bigger drive,
but I've also got Tcl/Tk and some other stuff loaded, so you might make it.

I'm aware of two Motif vendors: Metro Link and SWiM. I believe that the last
reliable X/Motif version is Motif 1.2.4 running on X11R5 (XFree 2.1). It
seems that people are complaining about bugs when using Motif 2.0...
Hope this helps,

Garry Simmons

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