COMMERCIAL: 5-star Japanese study software package for only USD59.00!

COMMERCIAL: 5-star Japanese study software package for only USD59.00!

Post by Steve Mey » Mon, 17 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I am not sure if follow ups to posts here are possible, but I purchased
a copy of WordMage and although the application is fine, they forget
to mention that the program is a MacIntosh program that runs under
a MacOS emulator which they provide on Linux.  Therefore none of the good
linux tools such as better X windows based GUIs are available and one needs to
learn all the Macintosh mouse and key combinations (yuk).  I hope
vendor will "really" port to Linux.


>Japanese WordMage is a complete Japanese productivity package for MacOS, Windows
>95/98/NT/2000 and Linux which does not require any Japanese operating system
>software to run (it contains its own Kanji fonts, Japanese input system, etc).
>It received a 5-star rating from reviewers on both ZDNet and Tucows, two of the
>biggest and most well-respected software download sites on the Internet.

>Japanese WordMage includes nine highly integrated functions:

>* a Japanese wordprocessor
>* a multilingual HTML web page editor / viewer
>* various study systems (with authoring):
>  - interactive storybooks
>  - auto-revision flashcards
>  - 'Kanji Safari' multiplayer game
>  - reading, aural and visual comprehension
>* a powerful Kanji reference dictionary
>* a grammar library builder
>* a text translation aid

>Please visit for further information.

>We are currently running a fantastic download discount offer which makes the
>Japanese WordMage (Standard Edition) download price only USD59.00! This is
>incredible value for such a full-featured package and great for budget-conscious
>students. All the usual benefits are included such as unlimited free Internet
>upgrades, 30 days of email support, access to all platform versions, access to
>new extensions, etc.

>The Classroom Edition of Japanese WordMage is suitable for educational
>institutions and starts at US$199 for a 5-machine licence (10, 20, 40 and
>80-machine license packs are also available). A major extra benefit of Japanese
>WordMage is that we include access to free program upgrades and extensions via
>Internet download in the price - this means your school only needs to buy
>Japanese WordMage once, yet can enjoy continued access to the latest versions of
>software and resources! This a fabulous way to get the absolute best value from
>your school budget. In addition, you get one full year of premium email support
>bundled with each Classroom Edition pack.

>Get your copy now! Please also tell all your friends, colleagues and schools
>about this great offer.

>To order online, please go to:

>For fax or mail orders, please go to:

>To add yourself to our emailing list (so you will be informed of future special
>offers, new releases, etc), please visit

>The 5-star ZDNet review can be found at:

>The 5-cows Tucows review can be found by doing a search at:

>* Japanese WordMage is also available on multi-platform CDROM.
>* the download discount offer also applies to the Professional and Classroom

>Michael Wildoer
>Customer Support Services
>Lava Software Pty. Ltd.
>ACN: 078 013 902

>GPO Box 215, Adelaide, Australia, 5001

>fax: +618-8235-0668
>tel: +618-8235-0003

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