Digital LCD Monitor support under Linux

Digital LCD Monitor support under Linux

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        Does anybody have a digital LCD monitor working in digital
mode under Linux that isn't super expensive and that they are happy

        I'm ready to buy an LCD monitor for my computer system.  My
only problem is, I'm not sure if the LCD monitor market is ready for
me.  If I were getting an analog LCD, there would be no problem, but,
as I understand it, digital LCD screens are the right way to go.  With
an analog LCD you have to convert the digital info in the computer to
analog, pump it out on your usual kind of analog video card to the
monitor, and have the monitor convert it back to digital for display.
Using a strictly digital LCD bypasses the middleman so to speak.  So
my question is, what drivers are there for what digital video
controller cards and who has successfully used them.

        I did do some research on the internet.  SGI has a monitor,
the 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor, and Number 9 has written a driver for
it, but it's out of my price range.  IBM's T55 digital monitor gets
very nice reviews, and it's low priced for an LCD monitor.
Furthermore, I read in an announcement:

  Matrox Graphics has created a special board
  based on the award-winning MGA-G200 offering superior performance for the
  business and power user. Configured with 8MB of powerful SDRAM and
  upgradeable to 16MB, this AGP accelerator is fitted with a single Plug and
  Display Analog/Digital connector which is able to run digital or analog
  signals with an adapter also bundled with the accelerator and T55 monitor to
  support resolutions up to 1024x768. The special accelerator features an
  Silicon Image 150 transmitter on the board with the ability to support
  true-color resolutions up to 1280 x 1024, providing the highest-quality for
  flicker free monitor refresh rate.

        Now I know the standard G200 is supported by Xfree86, but I
don't know if this 'special board based on the award-winning MGA-G200'
is supported.  Can anyone enlighten me?  Has anybody used one?  Also,
it looks like it may still go through that digital to analog and then
back to digital step; it's just that it all happens on the card rather
than in the monitor.

        Then there's the Princeton DPP 500, which includes an ATI
Xpert LCD graphics adapter with the Rage LT Pro 3-D accelerator chip.
What I've seen supported in the ATI Xpert category by Xfree are:

        ATI Xpert 98                                     XF86_Mach64
        ATI Xpert XL                                     XF86_Mach64
        ATI Xpert Play PCI and AGP, 3D Rage Pro          XF86_Mach64
        ATI Xpert Play 98                                XF86_Mach64
        ATI Xpert Work, 3D Rage Pro                      XF86_Mach64

        But are any of these compatible with the LT Pro?

        There is a reason to wait on Digital LCD monitors.  A
standards war is going on.  LVDS and PanelLink are apparently the main
contenders to set up a standard right now.  But I want an LCD monitor
now so, if I had the monitor and the card and the driver, even if it
weren't the eventual standard, I'd be happy.

        Thank you for your attention.


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Does anyone have any experience using LCD monitor
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In order to maximize the benefit of LCD monitor's digital
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of analog one.

I tried to buy SGI 1600SW LCD monitor with 3D Lab's Oxygen
VX1-1600SW video card, but my co-worker told me they have
some problem with Linux.

Any input would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,

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