COMMERCIAL: Craftwork Solutions and Be Inc. Development Alliance

COMMERCIAL: Craftwork Solutions and Be Inc. Development Alliance

Post by John Sanabr » Wed, 27 Nov 1996 04:00:00

You're copy the work of Linus.

Will make your proper OS. And say that is wonderful, but you're make
bussiness with the work of Linus.

I hate this.


:      **Craftwork Solutions, Inc. and Be Inc. Announce Development Alliance**

: San Jose, Calif. -- Nov. 21, 1996 -- Craftwork Solutions, Inc. and Be Inc.
: today announced that the companies have agreed to a development alliance to
: bring Be_Linux to the BeBox.

:      Be has introduced its BeBox and BeOS solutions and will support
: Craftwork Solutions' effort to bring the Be_Linux operating system to the
: BeBox.  Together, they will provide users with a value-added system and a
: Unix solution while maintaining compatibility with industry standards.

:      Be_Linux is a true multi-user, multitasking 32-bit operating system.  
: Be_Linux features a.out binaries, providing a highly efficient and robust
: operating system capable of handling mulit-protocol networks such as TCP/IP,
: NetWare, IPX and Appletalk, thus allowing customers to take full advantage
: of the constantly growing business opportunities of the Internet.

:      Craftwork Solutions brings its experience of supporting cost-effective
: integrated solutions in the commercial environment to potential Be
: customers. This enhances their ability to leverage Be technology in their
: efforts to become more competitive.

:      "Our relationship with Craftwork Solutions provides us with Unix
: solutions for our BeBox platforms," said Jean-Louis Gassee, President and
: CEO of Be.  "This partnership will result in creating new opportunities and
: solutions for our resellers and customers."

:      "Our relationship with Be gives us a new and innovative platform of
: solutions for our customers," said Mary Cortani, President and CEO of
: Craftwork Solutions.

:      Be Inc. was founded by Jean-Louis Gassee in 1990 to overcome the
: limitations of existing computer architectures.  With a team of
: industry-leading engineers and business executives in the United States and
: Europe, the company has positioned itself to become a key player in
: fast-growing application markets.  Be Inc. is headquartered in Melo Park,
: California.  Be's web site is located at

:      Craftwork Solutions, Inc. headquartered in San Jose, California, is a
: privately held company that provides service and system integration
: solutions.  The range of services include network design, setup and
: management, systems administration, systems and applications programming as
: well as database design for intra and internets on  multiplatform
: environments. Craftwork Solutions also distributes its commercial-grade
: Craftworks Linux on the Intel, Alpha and PowerPC platforms(to be released
: First Quarter 1997).  Visit the Craftworks web site at
:  For orders and information, call 1-800-985-1878
: in the US or (408)985-1878 internationally.

: Craftwork Solutions Press Contact:
: Jim Adams
: 408-370-5390

: Version: 2.6.3
: Charset: noconv

: iQCVAwUBMpVjaakybebRDjw1AQFijgP8C/osMeSnrRlWYIS6TA02xEfNSbJOJuyd
: t2Lzp2LVpLM1siDz36ulx1tNoSUawVw51nEeR+31/YMlVydXWFDhL3QiRezB/zZx
: echWS6mWvUTwHtnAfA3ro9Zk3U1TPn6fjEFOS++f9VTt+jyr8hNQ3q/qXhDdbPv1
: IU/+d8eAbGI=
: =nMEf

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COMMERCIAL: Craftwork Solutions and Be Inc. Development Alliance

Post by David M. Co » Thu, 28 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Quote:>You're copy the work of Linus.
>Will make your proper OS. And say that is wonderful, but you're make
>bussiness with the work of Linus.
>I hate this.

But Linus is on record as being perfectly happy if people can make money
with Linux.

Dave Cook