NFS Solaris->Linux

NFS Solaris->Linux

Post by Chris Griff » Mon, 19 Aug 1996 04:00:00

I am trying to mount a /var/mail directory exported by a Solaris machine
to a Linux machine running 2.0.13.  Whenever I specify that only the
linux machine can mount the directory, the Solaris machine refuses the
mount request, but if I make it world mountable (a very bad idea!!), it
works fine.

I use
        share -F nfs -o rw=mylinuxmachine /var/mail
on the Solaris machine, and when I try to mount it, I get a permission
denied message from the Sun.  I have tryed turning off privledged port
monitoring on mountd running on the Sun.  Anyone have any ideas??

Also, is their anyway for the UID's of one machine be mapped to the UID's
of another machine when running NFS, so they show up properly on the
client, without having to have a central YP (NIS) server?  For instance,
on my Sun USERA might have UID 203, but on the Linux box he might be UID
405.  If I mount a directory with some entries owned by USERA, the show
up as owned by 203.

                                        Thanks for any info...