FWD- MS in frame in 4m user 'racism' class action bid

FWD- MS in frame in 4m user 'racism' class action bid

Post by Alex La » Thu, 01 Jul 1999 04:00:00

 Posted 30/06/99 7:15pm by Graham Lea
 MS in frame in 4m user 'racism' class action bid

 Microsoft has been accused of racism in an action in the San Diego
federal District Court by John Elijah, a black man. He complains that
an image of a black couple contained in MS Publisher is displayed if a
user searches the images for "monkey".

 Elijah, a building site worker who is married with two children, said
he was humiliated, and that his wife was frightened of being attacked
by skinheads as a consequence. He also added that he was not bringing
the action for money, but to get the problem fixed.

 Microsoft's resident apologist Greg Shaw said in a stock remark that
sounded about as inappropriate as you could get, that: "We regret any
offence [OK so far] or inconvenience [what 'inconvenience', Shaw?]".
Any inconvenience is likely to be to Microsoft, since Elijah's lawyer,
Harvey Levine, is hoping to turn the action into a class suit, which
could involve up to four million black and white people who have
bought the product going after Microsoft for money, in most cases. ?

source http://theregister.co.uk/990630-000037.html

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