PCL Page Counter or PCL->Postscript Converter

PCL Page Counter or PCL->Postscript Converter

Post by K.-H. Fandre » Sat, 23 Jan 1999 04:00:00


does a program exist, that can count the number of pages in a pcl-file
or translate pcl to postscript ?
I would need it to count the pages printed on a HP-Deskjet-870 (PCL3).



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Does anybody know where to find HP PCL to POSTSCRIPT and
HP PCL to IBM PROPRINTER conversion utilities for Unix.

Other way to help me is that if there is a conversion for
POSTSCRIPT to PROPRINTER. In short way my problem is that I
must get the output to ps and to proprinter. I can do it to pcl, so
the conversion routines will help me a lot.

My news access is rather comples so if you would answer by mail it
would be easier for me.

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