Lilo error codes?

Lilo error codes?

Post by David Lot » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Lilo tries to load
Prints an "L"
Follows it with 010101010....

Loadlin works great

I have a 486/66, 32Meg, Adaptec 1542, Cirrus Logic SVGA w/ 1Meg
1.2 Gig SCSI as /dev/sda
        /dev/sda1       VFAT Windows 95 (location of LILO in MBR)
        /dev/sda5       VFAT
640 Meg SCSI as /dev/sdb
        /dev/sdb1       Linux Native
        /dev/sdb2       Linux Swap
CD-ROM SCSI as /dev/cdrom

RedHat 3.0.3 upgraded to v2.0

I have currently backed off LILO by DOS command fdisk /MBR, but would
like to get LILO working.

Can someone tell me what LILO is trying to say by painting the screen
with 1's and 0's?

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1. where are LILO error codes documented?

|> Does anyone know of an ftp: or http: URL address where
|> LILO error codes such as 'AA' are documented?

Sorry I can't be specific, but I spent a great deal of time looking for
this kind of information myself.  I think I finally had to download the
LILO source code package in order to get the user's manual.

Good luck,
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