LILO problem with large IDE disk

LILO problem with large IDE disk

Post by Cyrille Arth » Sun, 21 May 2000 04:00:00

I have a dual boot Linux/NT system; so far, it worked with no problem. I
had two IDE disks and one SCSI disk. The latter contains the Linux root
file system (including /boot) and Kernel. I booted from the IDE MBR. NT
is on /dev/hda1.

I now added a large (40 GB) IDE disk. LILO now stops at "LI". If I
disable the hard disk in the BIOS, it works again.

I changed the setup so the system boots from the SCSI disk. This works,
although I cannot boot the NT partition anymore; LILO does not find the
NT boot loader. I had to specify "disk=/dev/sca\nbios=0x80" to make it
LILO prints no warnings, though, when I re-install it on the MBR with
the third HD enabled, and still cannot boot.

It is documented as a "known bug" that LILO can get confused with large
IDE harddisks. I tried "linear" and "lba32" (with the new LILO), to no
avail. Does anybody know how I can make the boot loader work?
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I have problem with getting Lilo to work properly with
my new 4.2GB IDE harddisk & a Intel Pentium II motherboard with
LX chipset. (Linux is installed on part /dev/hdd4.)

It just print 01 01 all over the screen. I have read
the lilo README file but its does not take me any further.  

Do anyone have a suggestion how to fix this?

//Thanks Chris

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