ANNC: "Thumbpad" for Agenda VR3

ANNC: "Thumbpad" for Agenda VR3

Post by William Kendric » Tue, 09 Oct 2001 12:20:08

I discovered utilware's nifty "dotNote" application for PalmOS
( ), and thought it was a great idea,
so I cloned it from scratch for the Agenda VR3 PDA.  (It should work on
any other Linux-based system with FLTK installed.)

"Thumbpad" is a simple note-taking program which you can use with one
hand.  (For example, if you're holding your PDA in your right hand, you
can use that hand's thumb to tap on the extra-large keyboard buttons.)

Like .Note, Thumbpad provides three key layouts.  The default includes
the 16 most commonly-used letters (at least in English).  The other two
layouts include the remaining letters, numbers, and some punctuation.

(You can still use the Agenda's built-in keyboard app. or handwriting mode
to enter text.)

You can see screenshots of Thumbpad, and download the sourcecode here:

A precompiled version for Agendas running the SNOW kernel will be available
tomorrow.  (If anyone bothers compiling it for, eg, iPAQ running Linux,
I'll be happy to host that on my site, too.)




ANNC: "Thumbpad" for Agenda VR3

Post by William Kendric » Wed, 10 Oct 2001 08:43:03

: You can see screenshots of Thumbpad, and download the sourcecode here:

A new version, and new screenshots, are available.

Changes include bigger button labels, audible feedback (clicks) when you
tap buttons, and everything resizes if you pop the keyboard or statusbar
up on the screen.

A precompiled version is also included (weighing in at under 15Kbytes).
That, plus source and documentation is only a 30K download! :)

If anyone gets this running on a Linux-based iPAQ, let me know! :)

-bill!  <-- As seen on Slashdot  ;)


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