IBM SDLC card device driver for Linux?

IBM SDLC card device driver for Linux?

Post by Luis Miguel Sequei » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 03:24:44

I wonder if someone has ever made a Linux device driver (or
whatever necessary piece of software it takes :-) ) for an
IBM SDLC card.

At the moment, I have one of those * pieces of hardware
from IBM, and an even worse-looking software to drive it
(don't ask...), but all from _DOS_. The card device driver
*CRASHES* from inside Windows. Or from inside anything which
uses extended/expanded/etc. memory :-( Yes, it's from IBM. No
doubt about it :-)

Then there is the *horrible* comms program which uses the card.
It's _not_ from IBM - but from a company with former IBM
employees - but it _stinks_. It eats up all of the memory, so
it runs from batch files, loading and unloading the card device
driver as it needs to establish a communication...

So, that's the scenario. A living nightmare. Is there a kind
soul which has written a device driver for an IBM SDLC card?
I think I'm asking too much, but does someone have a clue on IBM's
LU 6.2 protocol? (but with a device driver in my Linux box,
I'd extract the necessary info from IBM, even if I had to
torture a few employees :-) )

I have nothing personal against IBM, mind you. They build
nice PCs with Intel chips inside which are purrrrfect to run
Linux :-)

Seriously, any advice would be welcome (just for the record,
the device driver for DOS is dated 1987 and has been discontinued ever since - there is a new driver for OS/2, I was told,
and something for AIX - but using a MCA card, while I have
an ISA one),

        Yours in despair,


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