Newbie: sorry, need mouse help...

Newbie: sorry, need mouse help...

Post by Clinton McDonal » Thu, 01 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi all...

Sorry about this, but I've hunted all I can hunt, and read
comp.os.linux.* for about a month, and I still haven't got a clear
picture of how to get the MS INTELLIMOUSE scroll wheel working (either
as a wheel or as a third button).

Can someone please(!!) help me...

I'm a sorta newbie/sorta oldbie(?!) - I've used Linux for a while, but
only basically.


--Cheers - Macca


1. ATI GUP (ISA) Mouse Help Needed <sorry>

Can someone with an ATI Graphics Ultra Pro ISA card please tell me how
to get the mouse working? I've tried everything I can think of; verifies
interrupt numbers, recompiled the kernel, tried every /dev/ driver...

Slackware 1.1.1 and a new video card at the same time (I changed two
things at once - dumb!). Anyway, I get the "device or resource busy" or
the "ms_init: invalid parameter" message, depending on teh driver I try.
The Inport busmouse is detected and reported at boot time. The mosue is
on IRQ 5, set using the DOS install program, and it works fine under

So, just a detailed report on the busmouse.h setup, the mouse INSTALL
settings, whatever...this is making me crazy! Until I get the kernel to
deal with the mouse, I can't move on to trying out the X Server, and I
need that quite soon!

Apologies for asking; I really *have* read every FAQ/HOWTO I could find.

Also, I'm getting a "selected partition not formatted" from the OS/2
Boot Manager, preventing me from booting Linux of the hard disk. Boots
fine off the floppy the Slackware install put together for me - is this

What I say is from me only. I try to be accurate, but I make mistakes: sorry.

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