Complete idiots guide to linux

Complete idiots guide to linux

Post by Kevin Mart » Thu, 08 Apr 1999 04:00:00

> Take cheapbytes, for instance. You can get a CD for a couple of
>bucks that has everything on one (or more) distributions. What you don't get
>is the printed manual, the pretty box, and, as you said, support. If the
>support and manual and box is of no value to you, then just go with the
>cheaper CD.

When you go with Cheapbytes you also don't get the one-user license copy
of MetroX and BRU that RedHat bundles.  Not that I use either one....

(Isn't this more of a c.o.l.misc question than a .setup question?)


1. Complete idiots guide to linux

I bought the book called The complete idiots guide to linux for $20.  It
seems to come with a full version of both Caldera 1.3 and Star Office.
Other than the email support you get with the $60 caldera package, can
someone please explain the difference.  I had a full version of 1.1 a year
or so ago and I think I got basically the same support with newsgroups.
Their "support" didn't seem like it was really all that great.

I understand that Caldera needs to make money so they can keep upgrading the
package for us, but this seems like a big difference in price for basically
the same thing.

Please let me know what you think about this.

James Liston

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